Getting started

Thank you for choosing Hotel MS.

Hotel MS allows you to control many areas of your hotel, like reservations, tasks, guest folios, charges, etc.

Once you install HotelMS, the first you need to do is create your hotel structure: rooms (or facilities), products, taxes, and other important information. So, once installed, head to Settings and go through each item to update the relevant information.

In the first release of Hotel MS, the app implements 'offline' mode only, which means only you can open and use the app and the data is stored locally in your machine. However, we are already working on an 'Online' release in which you and your staff will be able to connect and access the hotel information in the cloud. The data you are creating and accessing now in offline mode can later be 'uploaded' to the cloud.

While we work on the 'cloud' version of Hotel MS, please feel free to suggest improvements or updates. Your suggestion is important and provide us with the information we need to create a much better product. Write to us at

In the meantime, enjoy using Hotel MS and make sure to backup your database regularly (Settings/Database options).